Spend your holiday in our new detached year-round houses on the sunny RHODES island!


The HOMEFORYOU GENNADI-RODOS located in the South part of the island offer:

ofcafoto39-2.jpgOur houses are available year-round (each of them has a fireplace). We offer:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • kitchenette
  • a bathroom
  • a patio with a place to grill
  • WiFi with Internet access
  • TV SAT
  • Fireplace and AC

may 2019
700 euro week
june 2019
900 euro week
july 2019
1400 euro week
august 2019
1500 euro week
september 2019
1200 euro week
october 2019
600 euro week

gennadihome-16.jpgThe villas are located in the Southern part of the island, next to Gennadi. The view is captivating – both the beach, as well as the crystal clear sea are visible through villa’s windows. The villas are situated 200m away from the beach. It’s a perfect place to spend either a family holiday, or holidays with your friends. The villa’s attractive location makes it easy to reach many attractions situated on the island. Going South, one can admire its virgin areas with beautiful azure beaches, nice restaurants and captivating cities that haven’t yet been touched by the tourism business.


Our guests are entitled to a 10% rental discount in our partner Wind4Fun Windsurfing center situated on the Prasonisi beach!


 We guarantee that a RHODES holiday with us will bet he best one you’ve ever had!